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Beauty clinics

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What is

is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose by altering the shape of the
cartilage and/or bones of the nose to create a new appearance and volume for
the nose. Rhinoplasty and septum surgery can be combined to solve breathing
problems for those who have a functional problem in the nose, such as a
deviated nasal septum. Here are some of the reasons why you might be a suitable
candidate for rhinoplasty:



a deviated nasal septum can cause breathing difficulties and snoring; Which
makes it an inconvenience in daily life.

The last
century witnessed a great development in the field of rhinoplasty techniques.
In fact, whether its purpose is aesthetic or medical, rhinoplasty is considered
today an important process with a noble purpose. The effects of this type of
procedure are minor and the risk of complications is very low



Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the surgeon who performs

A facial
plastic surgeon has the most experience in rhinoplasty. No two noses are alike,
and no two surgeries are the same either. Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure,
so Novomed centers have highly skilled facial plastic surgeons with decades of
experience performing rhinoplasty surgeries.



Recovery after rhinoplasty



First and
foremost, always follow your surgeon's instructions. You may be excited to see
the results of rhinoplasty right away, but the recovery process takes time. The
downtime can range from 5 to 7 days, with the cast removed on the seventh day.


Keep in
mind that recovery time varies from patient to patient, depending on the extent
of the procedure. Everyone recovers differently, but it usually takes up to two
weeks for any swelling or bruising to go away.


can safely return to exercise, such as swimming, jogging, and cycling, after 3
to 4 weeks. However, strenuous exercises such as weight lifting should not be
resumed until about 6 weeks after the operation, as the nasal bones become
stable only after this period.


and abnormal sensations after rhinoplasty are normal and are temporary symptoms
that will go away within 3-6 months after surgery. The final result of the
surgery will be visible after about 12 months when the swelling has completely
subsided and the new features appear  for
the nose


. Why Ebn
Hayan Healthcare

The best
doctors and specialists

More than
20 years of experience

We have
helped over 10,000 patients and many different cases

state-of-the-art medical center with the latest and most advanced equipment and
technology, including the latest sterilization techniques

obesity and overweight cases professionally and using the latest methods.




Ebn hayan medical center- Sharjah- almajaz3- sarh al
emarat tower-fourth floor

For reservation



Al Dawli Medical Center- Sharjah – al majaz3 – sarh al
emarat tower- third flower

For reservation



Greenlife medical clinic – dubai – aljumeirah- near
mercato mall

For reservation





The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
The best beauty clinics
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